Meet.Up is an events social media platform located in California. They reached out to me to design the creative section of their ad builder. The biggest challenge; How to best design a platform for events, during a pandemic. Meet.Up wanted to be ahead of the game, and take advantage of hosting virtual events as well as prepare for a future with live events. 

Innovative design that’s ahead of the game

Many competitors such as Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat have now come out with their own ad managers. The UI needs to be fresh and unique, utilizing key elements of the Meet.Up brand. 

Well-branded iconography.

Meet.Up needed custom iconography to be used throughout the platform, especially on the objectives page within the ad builder. 
A simple experience that maximizes creativity.

Many ad managers limit the amount of creative freedom the user has. Meet.Up wanted to add more options for the user to customize their ads while also maintaining a simple experience that can be easily figured out.

Short deadline and a small team.

With a national and international team of about 10 people, I had one month to turn around a thought-out experience, detailed wireframes, and creative UI, whilst planning meetings in the late hours to talk with the development team overseas. 
I worked with my team to audit event sites such as Groupon, Eventbrite, and Facebook. I also looked at the designs of ad managers within Spotify, Hulu, and other sites to see what was working and what wasn’t.
Based on the problems identified, I constructed detailed wireframes for content placeholders and layout exploration.
The final designs display the custom ad builder for Meet.Up. In order to standout from competitors, I decided to design in dark mode. In hopes of speeding up the ad creative process, I have given the option to generate images for the ad based on the URL included, while still giving the option for the user to upload a custom image or video if wanted. As many ad platforms don't allow for a lot of customization, custom colors and templates are available for the user to fully customize their ad to their liking.  
In order to provide a seamless transition from virtual to live events, a pop-up is displayed, giving the user the option to learn more about Covid-19 restrictions in their area. The user can also click through and preview how their ad will look on all areas of the Meet.Up platform. 
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